Quran For All

Quran For All

Call for a Gift copy of Quran

Call for a Gift copy of Quran
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Great Islamic Scholar Syed Salman Hussani Nadvi at Salaam Centre

Great Islamic Scholar Syed Salman Hussani Nadvi at Salaam Centre Following are the excerpts from his conversation with Mr. Hamid Mohsin, Chairman, Salaam Centre. “It was Quran which attracted me towards Salaam Centre; I was impressed by the task being undertaken by Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin of presenting the Quran to humanity. It is a noble cause indeed. To educate humanity about Quran is the act which certainly please Allah. For this great venture Allah has chosen you. Infact this is a duty of entire Muslim Community. May Allah accept your endeavor. Keeping Quran away from entire humanity is like possessing a fragrance and not allowing it to disseminate in the surroundings. It is the same way we have kept the noble ideology with us not introducing to non-muslims. Our communication with non-Muslims is week. This has lead to misconceptions and misunderstandings. Therefore it is required to build relations with them on the basis of spirituality. Quran is the trust which Ummah is possessing. “Though some Christian and a few Hindu religions Centres are housed in glittering edifies but it is the first time I came across with such a beautiful building where an Islamic Centre is in operation. I was delighted; Mr. Hamid Mohsin has established a centre with great aesthetic sense and carrying out, from here the noblest work. Masha Allah Non-Muslim intellectuals, the Corporate Executives and the common man can easily walk-in to Salaam Centre and collects the copy of Holy Quran, the Islamic CDs, DVDs and books on Islam and Life of Prophet Muhammad (s).

Friday, September 3, 2010

Honourable Union Minister of Law and Justice govt of India, Mr.M. Veerappa Moily Collected The Holy Quran at iftaar party

Union Minister of State for Railways, Mr. K.H. Muniyappa Kisses The Holy Quran

Bangalore: State Minister for Railways Mr. K.H. Muniyappa kissed the Holy Quran that was gifted to him by Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin, Chairman, Salaam Centre. The minister and others had turned up to attend the Pavilion of “Quran For All,” unrolled by Salaam Centre. Impressed by the proceedings, the minister said: “Salaam Centre is doing a great service to humanity and I pray to Almighty to give them strength and courage to spread the message of peace to more people and get success in their noble objectives.” Mr. Muniyappa participated in the inauguration of the Silver Jubilee Building of Al- Ameen Residential School, here recently. As a mark of respect, the minister removed his shoes before entering the “Quran For All Pavilion” venue. Security officers, who accompanied the minister, were also gifted with the Holy Quran, by Mr. Mohsin. On this occasion Mr. Mohsin highlighted the aim and objectives of the “Quran For All” project.

Sri Shiva Kumar Swamiji (Sidda Ganga Matha Tumkur) Collected The Holy Quran from Salaam Centre

Spread the Truth: SWAMIJI APPLAUDS QURANIC SERVICES “It is a great honour and service to humanity,” said Dr. Sri Shivkumar Swamiji appreciating the efforts of Salaam Centre in distributing the Holy Quran. He was speaking to Salaam Centre Chairman in frail but strong words. The 103-year old Pontiff is a most respected religious head of a politically powerful Lingayath sect of Karnataka. The Swamiji was chief guest in the silver jubilee function of an Al-Ameen School near Bangalore. A special Quran pavilion “Quran for all” was erected on the occasion. As a mark of respect, Swamiji, despite of his physical weakness, walked from the podium to Quran pavilion of Salaam Centre barefoot. He entered the pavilion respectfully and enquired “in how many languages the Holy Quran has been translated.” When Salaam Centre Chairman Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin replied, “The Holy Quran has so far been translated into 13 Indian Languages and 69 Foreign Languages,” the Swamiji was struck with amazement and happiness. He applauded the efforts of Salaam Centre in this direction. Swamiji is the chairperson of the famous Siddaganga Mutt which runs a large group of prestigious educational institutions wherein more than 10,000 students belonging to different communities are availing benefits.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Honourable C.M.of Karnataka Mr.B.S.Yeddyurappa Collected The Holy Quran from Salaam centre

Salaam Centre Presented the Holy Quran to Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr.B.S.Yeddyurappa

Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin, Chairman, Salaam Centre, presented Kannada translation of the Holy Quran and a book on life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to Mr. B.S. Yeddyurappa, Chief Minister of Karnataka on the occasion of platinum jubilee celebrations of Bangalore Malabar Muslim Association held here on Friday 2nd July 2010. Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin while presenting the book on Seerah, he introduced the book to Chief Minister and said “This book explains the Life of the most honored person on the earth, who was equally successful in the religious and political domain, and established peace and justice on the earth which can be followed anytime anywhere”. Chief Minister visited the pavilion of Salaam Centre and he was amazed to see the translations of the Holy Quran in Indian and Foreign languages

Friday, August 6, 2010

Salaam Centre

Head Quarters of Salaam Centre
at Jayanagar Bangalore
Salaam Centre,Is A Registered NGO Founded For The Noble Task Of Education People About The Divine Message-The Holy Quran.Salaam Centre,Creates An Awareness Of The Truth That Holy Quran Is The Final Word Of Almighty God Revealed On The Last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) To Guide humanity,So That They Can Successful And PeaceFul Life,And Get rewarded In The Here after By Attaining Salvation....
Salaam Centre,Endeavors To De-bunk Myths About Quran,Life Of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)And Islam,So That People Of Country Get The True Picture And Come Closer To Each Other.
This Will Foster Unity, Brotherhood,Communal Harmony And Progress.Salaam Centre,Facilitates Under Standing Of Quranic Message, Life Of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)And Islam.
Campaign Organized By Salaam CenterSalaam Centre Successfully Organized"Quran For All"Campaign In Bangalore And Other Places In Karnataka State.the Campaign Was Enthusiastically Received By All Sections Of Society.The Intellectuals Were Unanimous In Appreciating This Campaign As One Of The Ideal Ways In Removing The Hatred,in The Society and Fostering,Communal Harmony.
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IF you are Interesting in Reading The Holy Quran of Spreading its Message to fellow Human being without Discriminate of cast, Creed,or Religion, Peoples of all faiths.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Echo of Quran in Ramnagaram District Court

Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin, Chairman Salaam Centre
Presenting the Holy Quran to the Honorable Justice Mr.Hungund

"Judges of Ramnagaram Dist Court Gatharing at the introduction & Distribution of Holy Quran"

Read and understand Quran: Justice Hungund to Advocates The introduction and distribution of the Holy Quran function was held in Ramnagram Judicial and Magisterial Court recently, about 60 km from Bangalore. The most-sought after programme was attended by six Honourable judges and 350 advocates turned up to attend the event.

Addressing a gathering of legal fraternity, Honourable Judge Hungund said: “To receive this great Book we should have visited Salaam Centre, but they came here to present us this Noble Book. This is great pleasure for us indeed. I appeal to all judges and advocates to read and understand this Noble Book. The second chapter “Al-Baqrah” impressed me. The commandments related with jurisprudence are of high value. I read it with great interest. I feel that it could be the best legislation for humanity. Each word of the Quran is important and it can guide the humanity.”

Honourable Judge further added: “People of all religions live in harmony in our country. We should agree on common teachings of our beliefs. Besides, we should strive to eradicate injustice and promote moral values. I congratulate Salaam Centre for spearheading this movement.”

In this programme 356 Gift Box containing Kannada translation of Quran, English translation of Quran along with a Seerah book, a book titled Towards Understanding Islam, DVD of Quran (Arabic Recitation with Kannada and English translation), DVD on History of Quran and DVD on Legacy of Prophet (S) gifted to six Judges and 350 Advocates.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Karnataka High Court

Salaam Centre Created an History, by introducing and distributing the holy Quran among 1500 advocates and 35 Judges of karnataka high Court at Bangalore City.

Speeches of Honorable Judges Of Karnataka High Court At Conference Hall No.1 On 22nd March 2010

Honorable Chief Justice Mr. Gopala Gowda said I congratulate from the core of my heart on behalf of all of us, the efforts of Salaam Centre for Distributing The Holy Quran to the entire Humanity irrespective of their caste, creed and color with sincerity and great zeal in their own language, so that it may be best utilized. This is a great gift from Salaam Centre for the entire Mankind. It is now our responsibility to utilize it to a great extent. We thank Salaam Centre for presenting the Judges and the Advocates free distribution of the Holy Quran, and for sharing the truth with the us. The Holy Quran could be benefited by the masses; it could be advocates, judges, common layman, politicians, Employers, employees, business man, youth, student and so on.

In the year 1973, ‘ The Advocate Association’ of 13 judges have passed judgment stating, the religious thoughts have to be respected as it is the source of Philosophy, and the same is implemented and practiced by us till date.

The important article of the Judgement was that a multi religious country like India, which has accommodated several religions, the fundamental rights of the people of the Country to various religions and sects as per Sec 25 & 26 of the Constitution of the India, permits all religion irrespective of the caste and creed, they are entitled to practice the religious beliefs and propagate their religious texts.

The great concept of the constitution of protecting the fundamental rights of the millions and millions of the different religions by protecting the secularism of the country, we are protecting our Constitution, We are protecting the rule of law, it is a great sign and message should go to entire humanity in the country. Certainly, I am sure that this message with reach to all the concern.

There is a lot of knowledge in the Quran, it teaches us about the various aspects of the society, Its emphasis on Economic, Social, Cultural, Educational, Political aspects and it also covers our dealings with the weaker sections of the society, the poor, downtrodden, and others, and if we read it and implement the same, we can live in peace and harmony as a society and community as a whole. We can discharge our duties as humans and to humans in a humanly manner.”

Honorable Justice Mr. Jawad Rahim said “It had been my pleasure that I am provided a chance to speak a few words about the Quran, I would like to clarify a point, it is a popular opinion among the non muslims that the Quran was written by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), it is quite contradicting as he was an illiterate and he could neither read nor write. The Author of the Quran is Almighty Allah, The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. The Quran was revealed bit by bit over a period of 23 years through the angel Gabriel, at different places and different circumstances, based on the requirement.

As and when the revelation came, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would teach his companions and they would memorize it and would write the same and preserve it. And later the Quran was compiled. The Holy Quran exists exactly as it had been revealed to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) over 1430 years ago; not a word - nay, not a dot of it - has been changed. It is available in its original text and the Word of God has been preserved for all times to come.

We can perhaps understand the magnitude of this triumph of memorizing the Quran when you realize how hard it is to even memorize a small, thin book word for word. It’s nothing short of a miracle. Allah Almighty has made the memorization of His book possible so that it could be preserved in its original form until the Day of Judgment. It is read and re-read by the Muslim world, this book does not rouse in the Muslims any weariness, it rather, through repetition, is more loved every day. It gives rise to a profound feeling of awe and respect in the one who reads it or listens to it.

The Quran is our “Life Instruction Manual”. It contains all we need in order to live happy and successful lives here on earth and, more importantly, in the next life. Together with the Sunnah (practices and sayings of The Holy Prophet Peace be upon Him) it forms a complete blueprint for life.

On the whole we find in it a collection of wisdom which can be adopted by the most intelligent of men, the greatest of philosophers and the most skilful of politicians. The Holy Quran is filled with stories of the Prophets of Ancient times (Moses, Joseph, Jesus, Abraham and other prophets mentioned in the Bible). It also contains numerous warnings and admonitions to mankind to leave sin and to follow the straight path. The Holy Quran talks of Paradise and Hell and details many Islamic Laws, such as those pertaining to divorce, inheritance and so forth. The Quran transformed the hard hearts of the Arabs of Mecca over 1,430 years ago and it still holds the same power today. Hearing the Quran stirs something deep inside your soul. It speaks to man’s deep, instinctive need to connect with His Creator, and what better way than through His Book, the Holy Quran.

It was, therefore, neither by means of violence of arms, nor through the pressure of obtrusive missionaries, that caused the great and rapid diffusion of Islam, but, above all, through the fact that this Book, presented by the Muslims to the vanquished with the liberty to accept it or reject it, was the Book of God to the Entire MANKIND.

Salaam Centre has taken great efforts in circulating the Truth to the world with earnestness, so that brotherhood could be established among mankind. By educating the people about the Truth and the God’s Word, in a most befitting way.”

Honorable High Court Justice, Sri. Jayakumar S. Patil said “Distribution of The Holy Quran in Kannada language by Salaam Centre has brought the people closer. People think that Quran is available in Urdu or Arabic languages and they keep away from it as they are unaware of its meaning, and this leads to fear and doubtfulness. By having translated and distributed in a large scale in Kannada language, such notions have been eliminated.

Secondly, when it reaches the masses, they realize the common factors among them; this may bring people closer to a marginal extent. Slowly this helps us form a unified community and lead to harmony. So I take pleasure in congratulating the Salaam Centre’s incredible job.

Thirdly, when I went through the Quran for the first time, I came across a verse in Page 84 (Chapter Baqarah, Verse 282 & 283), I was quite amazed about the verse, which can be applied to any human being irrespective or religion, class or creed, but it would fetch a lot of benefits such things can also be applied to our lives.

Every thing that is stated here has a basis of trust and accountability to the Almighty God. The Quran emphasis that Almighty God is The All-Seer of what you do, and there fore fulfill your trust accordingly. This way we can come to conclusion that This Book is speaking about justice and nothing against justice. This will make people realize that Islam is a religion of Peace and Tranquility.

I thank Salaam Centre and one and all for providing me the opportunity to speak in this honorable stage.”