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A Gift of Peace from Salaam Centre to non-Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Salaam Centre's Publication to distribute among non-Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

Salaam Centre has Published 3 books titles, written by its Chairman Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin, these books has been written specially for the Dawah Purpose, from these books a Truth seeker can easyly understand the truth and make his own view about Islam, instead of filling his mind with bias and myths, these books will open the minds of the reader towards the Truth.

Mr. Mohsin's  books are titled;

1. FOLLOW ME, God Will Love You
A book on life and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
2. ISLAM Facts vs Fictions
a book to remove Misconceptions about Islam & Muslims.

3. ISLAM For You
a book on Beliefs and Teachings of Islam.

These three books has originally written in English and translated in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali and Assamie languages.

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Quran For All pavilion at Bangalore Book festival - 2010

Quran For All Pavilion a huge hit 

Salaam Centre’s “Quran For All Dawah Pavilion” at Bangalore Book Festival 2010, having backdrop of Holy Quran. More than two lakh people, including IAS and IPS officers, professionals from IT & BT Sectors, CEOs, engineers, doctors, social scientists and activists, professors, intellectuals and students, visited the Salaam Centre’s “Quran For All Pavilion” at Bangalore Book Festival 2010. Of them about eighty thousand people (non-Muslims) visited the “Quran Pavilion”. Around 10,900 non-Muslims collected 11,500 Quran Gift Box by filling the requisition slips for their family members and friends. This include 5,500 Kannada translation of Quran; 4,500 English translation of Quran and rest of Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi translations of Quran. The Gift Box distributed contains a copy of Quran and a book on Life of Prophet (PBUH), basic Literature in Islam, a book on Debunking Misconception about Islam and Muslims, a DVD describing History of Quran and a documentary on Life of Prophet Muhammad (S).

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Great Islamic Scholar Syed Salman Hussani Nadvi at Salaam Centre

Great Islamic Scholar Syed Salman Hussani Nadvi at Salaam Centre Following are the excerpts from his conversation with Mr. Hamid Mohsin, Chairman, Salaam Centre. “It was Quran which attracted me towards Salaam Centre; I was impressed by the task being undertaken by Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin of presenting the Quran to humanity. It is a noble cause indeed. To educate humanity about Quran is the act which certainly please Allah. For this great venture Allah has chosen you. Infact this is a duty of entire Muslim Community. May Allah accept your endeavor. Keeping Quran away from entire humanity is like possessing a fragrance and not allowing it to disseminate in the surroundings. It is the same way we have kept the noble ideology with us not introducing to non-muslims. Our communication with non-Muslims is week. This has lead to misconceptions and misunderstandings. Therefore it is required to build relations with them on the basis of spirituality. Quran is the trust which Ummah is possessing. “Though some Christian and a few Hindu religions Centres are housed in glittering edifies but it is the first time I came across with such a beautiful building where an Islamic Centre is in operation. I was delighted; Mr. Hamid Mohsin has established a centre with great aesthetic sense and carrying out, from here the noblest work. Masha Allah Non-Muslim intellectuals, the Corporate Executives and the common man can easily walk-in to Salaam Centre and collects the copy of Holy Quran, the Islamic CDs, DVDs and books on Islam and Life of Prophet Muhammad (s).

Friday, September 3, 2010

Honourable Union Minister of Law and Justice govt of India, Mr.M. Veerappa Moily Collected The Holy Quran at iftaar party

Union Minister of State for Railways, Mr. K.H. Muniyappa Kisses The Holy Quran

Bangalore: State Minister for Railways Mr. K.H. Muniyappa kissed the Holy Quran that was gifted to him by Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin, Chairman, Salaam Centre. The minister and others had turned up to attend the Pavilion of “Quran For All,” unrolled by Salaam Centre. Impressed by the proceedings, the minister said: “Salaam Centre is doing a great service to humanity and I pray to Almighty to give them strength and courage to spread the message of peace to more people and get success in their noble objectives.” Mr. Muniyappa participated in the inauguration of the Silver Jubilee Building of Al- Ameen Residential School, here recently. As a mark of respect, the minister removed his shoes before entering the “Quran For All Pavilion” venue. Security officers, who accompanied the minister, were also gifted with the Holy Quran, by Mr. Mohsin. On this occasion Mr. Mohsin highlighted the aim and objectives of the “Quran For All” project.

Sri Shiva Kumar Swamiji (Sidda Ganga Matha Tumkur) Collected The Holy Quran from Salaam Centre

Spread the Truth: SWAMIJI APPLAUDS QURANIC SERVICES “It is a great honour and service to humanity,” said Dr. Sri Shivkumar Swamiji appreciating the efforts of Salaam Centre in distributing the Holy Quran. He was speaking to Salaam Centre Chairman in frail but strong words. The 103-year old Pontiff is a most respected religious head of a politically powerful Lingayath sect of Karnataka. The Swamiji was chief guest in the silver jubilee function of an Al-Ameen School near Bangalore. A special Quran pavilion “Quran for all” was erected on the occasion. As a mark of respect, Swamiji, despite of his physical weakness, walked from the podium to Quran pavilion of Salaam Centre barefoot. He entered the pavilion respectfully and enquired “in how many languages the Holy Quran has been translated.” When Salaam Centre Chairman Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin replied, “The Holy Quran has so far been translated into 13 Indian Languages and 69 Foreign Languages,” the Swamiji was struck with amazement and happiness. He applauded the efforts of Salaam Centre in this direction. Swamiji is the chairperson of the famous Siddaganga Mutt which runs a large group of prestigious educational institutions wherein more than 10,000 students belonging to different communities are availing benefits.

Call for a Gift copy of Quran

Call for a Gift copy of Quran
Quran for Non-Muslim Brothers and Sisters